The intelligent transportation systems (ITS) group is part of the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) which has had a major impact in field robotics in Australia covering land, air and sea application over the last 20 years.

The main research focus for the group is to improve situation awareness for vehicles and road users  operating in urban environments. This includes research in driver intent, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V)
communication, perception, navigation and sensing. The aim of these projects is to improve safety in complex multi-vehicle operations with applications in intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The group has been involved in a number of automation projects in the field robotics and automotive domain.

Research Impact

The group has had a significant research impact with publications in the most prestigious journals in the ITS field. We also have significant presence in the most relevant ITS transportation conferences and workshops (IV and ITSC) and were invited to speak in podcasts organised by the IEEE ITS society. The main contributions have been in automation, safety, driver intent, fault detection and collision detection utilising innovative algorithms based on machine learning concepts. The group has also designed a flexible, state of the art R&D software platform to perform fundamental and applied research in the ITS area.

Industrial Impact

The group has been involved in vehicle safety for the last 15 years with deployments of this technology in large industrial operations around the world. It is currently supported by a number of projects funded by the ARC discovery and linkage programs, partnering with Komatsu and Renault France. We are also working as part of the CITi project with transport for NSW, and are a partner in the ADVI initiative lead by ARRB.